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Organised in partnership between Yes to Life and Penny Brohn UK

About this Forum:

Many of those with cancer wish to integrate nutritional or other approaches into their NHS treatment protocols. This is natural, as in many cases there is good evidence behind such interventions to demonstrate their potential to improve outcomes and quality of life. Some people will decide on balance not to discuss their intentions with their oncology team, but to proceed anyway. Others feel their oncology specialists should be aware of everything they are doing, but then meet with a blank refusal to continue treatment unless all other interventions are stopped.

Bringing together people with cancer, NHS professionals and Integrative Practitioners, this Forum will explore ways to move past this impasse and enable the transparency that provides the ideal environment for the patient to achieve the best results in the safest manner.


Welcome and Introduction. Robin Daly, Chairman and Founder of Yes to Life.


Session 2. What’s the problem? The oncologist’s view 

What are the main concerns shared by oncologists and other healthcare professionals, and how can they best be addressed?

Dr Penny Kechagioglou MBBS (Honours), MRCP, CCT (Clin Onc), MPH, MBA Clinical oncologist.

Penny will be joined by a senior oncology nurse for this session

Penny is a senior Clinical Oncologist and Chief Clinical Information Officer and deputy Chief Medical Officer at UHCW in the NHS

Bridging the Gap Online Forum 23rd October 2021 Session 2

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