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A Holistic Wellness Luxury Box to send you or a loved one a dose of comfort or a box.

Brought to you by: @Holisticallyhappyyou

Curated by @Holisticallyhappyyou/Linda Curtis,

Holistic Health Practitioner & Yes to Life Helpline Volunteer

This tier of luxury wellness boxes was curated with care and extra consideration to support and nurture anyone going through cancer or other health issues to deliver a dose of comfort and happiness.


Products have been meticulously sourced and are ethically produced, eco-friendly, organic and refined sugar-free.


The box has been carefully curated such that the premium products included cannot be found on the high street but rather are sourced for their high quality and significant benefits to the survivor.


There is no other wellness care box out there which has been curated with such attention to quality and as such, we pride ourselves on featuring the brands below:

*Absolute Aromas

*Be 100%

*By Sarah

*Camellias Teahouse

*Hifas da Terra

*Wunder Workshop


We don’t have any products to show here right now.


*Absolute Aromas 

Absolute Aromas is 25 years old and they have an established  reputation for offering quality essential oils at good prices. They have over 140 pure essential oils on offer and their emphasis is on purity, quality testing, no parabens or animal testing. They are also a member of the aromatherapy trade council, ensuring high-quality assurance and best practices. ( They deliver consistently high quality, professional grade products that are sourced from the best, most ethical and sustainable suppliers all around the world.

*Be 100% 

This nutrition bar brand was created to be nutritionally dense relying on ancient

wisdom around the world - especialy the Blue Zones, Ayurvedic traditions and modern nutritional sciences. These  snack bars are designed to provide the best fuel for optimum cellular health through a holistic approach that includes the gut, brain, metabolic & immune system health based on the principles of a Healthy Longevity Diet. They are packaged in sustainable packaging made from sustainably sourced wood pulp that is fully recyclable. They are a perfectly healthy fiber and antioxidant anti-inflammatory snack without any added sugar or oils.


*By Sarah

A UK based, organic B-corp certified vegan cruelty skincare brand that was developed by a sister pair in order to restore and repair co-founder Lauren's  sensitive skin when she was recovering from leukemia. By Sarah's purpose is to transform emotional wellbeing for sensitive, stressed skin through their natural, science-led formulations.


*Camellias Teahouse

Camellia's Tea House is a tea brand that focuses on traditional techniques using small batch and fresh ingredients and that focus on wellbeing. With wellbeing in mind these

therapy teas are organic and anti-inflammatory


*Relax Recovery Tea features Hibisus and rose which are high in vitamin C, anti- inflammatory and calming. It is ideal for anyone who needs a moment of peace and calm.


*Digest and Energise Tea highlights two functional ingredients ginger and burdock --which are anti-inflammatory and safe and effective for nausea/vomigint. This is an ideal blend for anyone living with inflammatory conditions, digestive complaints, lack of appetite and fatigue.


*Hifas da Terra

Hifas da Terra is a biotech company that is highly committed to research, innovation and sustainability to improve health and well-being around the world.  Their development of high quality, value-added organic nutraceuticals was created for the comprehensive treatment of pathologies.


*Wunder Workshop

Wunder Workshop creates products from the highest quality and sustainably sourced herbs, spices, mushromms and medicinal plants for the People & Planet.

They focus on  sustainable products that are sourced directly from farms in Sri Lanka and other countries around the world and that come in sustainable fully recyclable packaging,

with the mission to cultivate awareness about where food comes from, to preserve the ancient wisdom of medicinal plants and to give back to the community and the planet.

*Fushi creates award-winning Ayurveda inspired health and beauty products in our London workshop, combining hand-blended, fresh & cold-pressed organic oils and herbs, ethically sourced from this season’s harvest to optimise your wellbeing.

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