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Nourish - Digest!.jpg

The Nourish box: Digestion


*Includes delivery 2nd class tracked for UK only. If you are ordering from outside the UK, please get in touch with us before placing your order as prices and delivery will change.

Nourish - Digest!.jpg

This premium box includes 9 products  + BONUS

  • 1 Hifas da Terra -Mico-Shii is a powerful shiitake mushroom extract selected from specimens of shiitake mushrooms to help maintain healthy cardiovascular and immune systems.

  • 1 Refresh Aroma Inhaler by Absolute Aromas- This Refresh blend has been specially formulated to help you re-energise by revitalising the body and elevating the senses. The synergy of citrus oils mixed with refreshingly minty aromas also help you stay alert & refreshed.

  • 3 Nutrition bars by Be100%: 

* Broccoli sprouts fudge - This is the world's first chocolate bar with a cruciferous vegetable and high in sulforafane. Broccoli sprouts  have 10 - 100X more sulforaphane- a powerful bioactive compound that makes cruciferous vegetables the top cellular health food because of its anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory properties.

* Amaranth - A beautiful bar with a crunch that packs a serious nutritional punch. Delightful earthy flavours of amaranth are combined with the aromatic coconut, sweet vanilla and spicy turmeric and ginger undertones. You wouldn't guess there is therapeutic level of 500mg whole turmeric per bar!

* Nutty chocolate - Packed with activated nuts, sprouted flaxseeds and sweet prebiotic yacon syrup, this Chocolate Superfood Nutrition Bar is a rich chocolate treat that keeps you energised and satiated for a long time


  • 1 Never Give Up Book - a book of motivation

  • 1 By Sarah London - Bakuchoil Oil serum

* Supercharge your skin while you slumber with our repairing Bakuchiol Daily Recovery Booster. The non-sensitising, nightly fixer stimulates collagen production – without dryness or irritation – making it perfect for sensitive skin that can't tolerate topical retinoids.


  • 1 Camellia’s TeaHouse: Digest & Energise:

* Promoting greater energy within the body through healthy digestion is the inspiration behind this handmade, herbal tea. This delicious blend, made from organic ingredients, is packed with vitamins and antioxidants. The ingredients have been carefully selected because they may help to support gut health, the immune system and liver function.

  • 1 Wunder Workshop Belly Blessing - A unique alchemy of digestive herbs thyme, burdock, dandelion, fennel, artichoke and peppermint, purposefully blended with cerato flower essence for healthy digestion, a blessing for your belly

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