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Nutritional Science and Congress. 




Navigating the meat-dairy-vegan-vegetarian maze

It’s hard not to be aware of the recent spectacular rise of veganism, the growing acceptance of vegetarianism, and the increasing controversy surrounding meat and dairy production. But what are the health implications surrounding these choices, some of which are made on purely ethical grounds? How do they impact on the massive problem we have with cancer incidence?

Research into the effects of nutrition in cancer is accelerating, notably in countries which have embraced the concept of Integrative Medicine. As a result, our understanding is growing rapidly which in turn is leading to fresh strategies, as well as supporting some that have flourished as therapies outside of the mainstream. The concept of diet as a strategy for managing cancer at every level is beginning to be widely accepted by many leading authorities.

This two day Congress explores this fascinating and crucial topic from many angles and includes a workshop-focussed day delving into immunity, the microbiome and more, along with a day of in-depth presentations from leading figures from the field of Nutritional Science.

Navigating the meat-dairy-vegan-vegetarian

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