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Nutrition Brought to Life: A Thorough Grounding in Nourishment with 50 Delicious Recipes.

This complete guide to nutrition cuts through the confusion, and brings the science and research to life. At the same time, each chapter provides opportunities to reflect, explore new ways of eating and thinking about food, and try new recipes. So rather than imposing strict rules that may only work for a few people, it helps you to find your way – with clear guidance and a myriad of useful tips and support. Including 50 delicious recipes at the back.


The number one resource for anyone who wants to support their health through nutrition, as well as a complete handbook for nutrition students and health practitioners.

“I was really delighted to come across Nutrition Brought to Life by Kirsten Chick, which is clearly tuned in to the latest scientific evidence on diet, and also feels inspiring, compassionate and achievable for the reader. It’s a book that I’m sure would be really helpful for a lot of people.”
— Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Nutrition Brought to Life. by Kirsten Chick

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