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Our Financial Controller, Myrren Wildman, has released her first studio album which is now on sale and she has generously offered the first year of profits to be donated to the charity. As well as working for Yes to Life, Myrren is the sister of the charity’s inspiration, Bryony and daughter of our founder, Robin. Keeping it in the family, Robin is the guitarist on the album and his wife Nancy plays the electric recorder on Track 6.

The album is called Songs Our Parents Sang and is a compilation of folk and traditional cover songs which, while aimed at children, should also appeal to many parents and others who remember once being children. Myrren says: “The songs are a mix of ones that my parents sang to me and my sisters when we were young, songs I sing to my own children and others that I think are beautiful songs for children to listen to. Do visit my website where you can listen to samples of all the tracks and find out a bit more about myself and this project.

Songs Our Parents Sang by Myrren (CD)

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