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"This album is a compilation of cover songs and, while aimed at children, should also appeal to many parents and others who remember once being a child. The songs are a mix of ones that my parents sang to me and my sisters when we were young, songs I sing to my own children and others that I think are beautiful songs for children to listen to.

This album is dedicated to my parents. Thank you for filling my life with music right from the beginning. Thank you for all the family sing songs and the bedtime lullabies. Thank you for the love, support and encouragement. I hope that I have passed on the joy of music to my own children, and I hope that this album does the same for children around the world.​Thank you with all my heart to everyone who helped me put this album together. It has meant so much." - Myrren


All proceeds after costs from the album sales will go to the charity. Myrren is a central part of the charity administration and sister to Bryony, who was the inspiration for Yes to Life. Robin Daly, the founder of the charity and father of Bryony, is the guitarist on the album.


© 2022 Myrren Wildman

Songs Our Parents Sang - by Myrren (Digital Album)

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