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Holistic Doctor, Hifas da Terra


Founded in 1998, Hifas da Terra  is a multinational biotechnology company with subsidiaries in UK, Iberia, France, Germany and Italy focused on research and innovation, specialising in the development of nutraceuticals from certified organic medicinal mushrooms, with a special interest in developing high concentration liquid medicinal mushroom extracts for coadjuvant use in integrative oncology treatment programmes. Join Dr. Saskia H. Kloppenburg Vieth for an inspiring workshop on the healing benefits of medicinal mushrooms as part of an integrative approach to oncological treatment in general.

Sunday 28th March 10.10 - 11.10 & 11.40 - 12.40

The Healing Power of Mushrooms


Current research shows that mushrooms are safe natural immune modulators with beneficial effects in quality of life and reduction of adverse effects of conventional therapies. Effects on antitumour activity, improving survival and decreasing cancer risk have also been reported. As natural biological response modifiers, potent antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories they are a key part of integrative medicine to support oncological patients. 


Masterclass learning outcomes

  • Understand the potential of mushroom compounds as immunomodulators and how they interact with the cancer pathway

  • Core understanding of the importance of quality, cultivation techniques, and formulations

  • Mycotherapy intervention for cancer, which can be used in combination with conventional treatments

The Healing Power of Mushrooms

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